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Curriculum and Instruction - Teacher Studies M.A. Degree Plan

Changes are currently being made to this program. Please contact the EPI Center at or call 325-942-2209 for more information.

Required Courses (33 credit hours)
Courses Hours
EDG 6302 Data Collection, Analysis, and Application 3
EDG 6304 Research 3
EDG 6310 Behavior and Classroom Management 3
EDG 6313 Foundations of School Systems 3
EDG 6314 Effective Instruction and Assessment 3
EDG 6317 Teaching Diverse Populations 3
EDG 6318 Role of the Teacher 3

EDG 6326 Education of Exceptional Children


EDG 6395 Capstone in Curriculum and Instruction


EDG 5660 Clinical Teaching or
EDG 5360 Teaching Internship (twice)


EDG 5360 must be taken twice for credit. To be eligible to take EDG 5360, the student must have a passing score on the appropriate TExES subject area test and 30 hours of classroom observation.

As a summative requirement for the degree, the candidate must success- fully complete a comprehensive program review (CPR) with a committee of Graduate Faculty.

Courses in this program are offered through an online format.