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Technical Writing

Minor in Technical Writing

Our Technical Writing Minor is open to all students and pairs well with just about any academic major. It can be especially beneficial if you are majoring in business, the sciences, health science professions, mathematics, psychology, sociology or computer science.

Program Faculty

Our faculty are true partners with our students, and several have won statewide teaching awards. Our small classes mean you really get to know your professors and get the individual attention you deserve.

Career Opportunities

Completing a Minor in Technical Writing will provide you with knowledge and skills that are important to just about any career field. Being an effective writer and communicator will also give you an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs or for graduate school.


Student studying in the library

Our Courses

The Minor in Technical Writing consists of 18 credit hours (six English courses).

The program is flexible, but your courses must include English 3351 and two upper-level technical and business writing courses from the following:

  • English 3353
  • English 3354
  • English 4360
  • English 4365
  • English 4367
  • English 4373
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