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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Exercise Science

(120 credit hours)

Academic Major Specialization in Athletic Training
Courses Hours

Kinesiology 1304, 1341


Kinesiology 3333 or 4363


Kinesiology 3345, 3346, 3360, 3370, 3372


Kinesiology 4330, 4345, 4346, 4361, 4380, 4390

Major Support Courses
Courses Hours

Biology 2323/2123, 2324/2124 or Health Science Professions 2301/2101, 2302/2102


Biology 4480, Health Science Professions 4337, or Kinesiology 3351


Chemistry 1311/1111, 1312/1112, Physics 1301/1101, 1302/1102

General Studies 1181 1
Mathematics 1314 3
Physical Activity 4
Psychology 2301 3
Core Curriculum
Courses Hours
Core Curriculum. Students should be aware that some majors specify particular courses to meet core-curriculum requirements when options are available. 42
Courses Hours
Electives 20-21

The Athletic Training Specialization requires rigorous academic success in the courses listed above to be successful in passing the state licensure exams by the Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Minimum grade of “C” is required in all listed courses in the major, as well as Biology 2323/2123, Biology 2324/2124, Health Science Professions 2301/2101, 2302/2102, or their equivalent.

Because C-required courses are considered to be critical courses in this specialization, if a student earns a grade of “D” or “F” in one or more of these courses, he/she may want to consider the reason for this unsatisfactory performance. If his/her performance relates to lack of interest and/or ability, he/she may want to consider the appropriateness of this specialization for their academic program.