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Film Studies

Minor in Film Studies

Our Minor in Film Studies is a flexible program that allows you to choose from a variety of courses. As you complete your minor, you will learn:

Program Faculty

Our faculty are partners with our students, and this diverse Minor in Film Studies will introduce you to faculty in several different departments. They are all committed to making sure our program continually adapts to stay contemporary and relevant.

Career Opportunities

Completing a Minor in Film Studies will provide you with knowledge and skills that are important to just about any career field. Being culturally aware and an effective communicator will also give you an advantage when it comes to applying for jobs or for graduate school.

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Our Courses

The Film Studies Minor consists of 18 credit hours (six courses), including Communication/Mass Media 1337 and English 4355. You will choose four additional courses from the following:

  • Art 1305
  • Communication 3366, 4352, 4365
  • Computer Science 1371, 2324, 3325
  • French 4328
  • German 3339
  • Psychology 3325
  • Russian 3339
  • Spanish 3334
  • Theatre 3345, 3311, 4314, 4351
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