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With your ASU intelligence and analysis degree, you will be prepared to start or advance your career in the military, national intelligence, international relations, federal law enforcement or other agencies in the intelligence community.

Be a part of the next generation of intelligence analysis leaders by completing our nationally recognized degree program.

Program Faculty

Our professors stay up to date with current national intelligence issues and regularly publish their research. They are also dedicated to providing you the best possible online learning experience.

Career Opportunities

The increasing complexity of national intelligence issues and intelligence analysis is driving an ongoing demand for well-rounded professionals and a steady growth in career opportunities within the intelligence community.

American soldier sitting in an office alone, using a computer.

Our Courses

Take advantage of our comprehensive online degree plan that includes topics ranging from policy making and military strategy, planning and operations - to constitutional issues and the rule of law in a democracy.

Young African American FBI agent sitting in front of computer monitors and screen in office while...

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