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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

120 credit hours

The purpose of the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) degree is to provide students the opportunity to apply coursework in multiple fields toward an undergraduate degree. It is well suited for students whose career goals call for training in more than one discipline, or who want a breadth of knowledge in several fields rather than a depth of knowledge in a single discipline. Students seeking the B.I.S. degree must declare it as their major in the same manner and at the same time as other students declare a major. For information about the B.I.S. degree, contact the College of Arts and Humanities. 

NOTE: The B.I.S. degree cannot be used in a dual degree. No more than one business minor may be used as part of the B.I.S. major.

Academic Major
Courses Hours

Minor 1 (6 hours must be advanced)


Minor 2 (6 hours must be advanced)

Major Support Course
Courses Hours
General Studies 1181 1
Core Curriculum
Courses Hours
Core Curriculum. Students should be aware that some majors specify particular courses to meet core-curriculum requirements when options are available. 42
Courses Hours
Electives (24 must be advanced) 41

The B.I.S. degree consists of a multiple-discipline academic major, other requirements, and electives totaling at least 120 credit hours. No more than 30 credit hours from any of the business disciplines (accounting, business, business computer information systems, economics, finance, management and marketing) may be used to fulfill the B.I.S. degree requirements.

For the B.I.S. degree, the multiple-discipline academic major is comprised of three minors. Any single area minor offered at ASU may be used, providing it has no less than 18 credit hours with at least six of them at the advanced level and in residence, with the exception that no more than one business minor may be used to fulfill the multiple-discipline academic major, as this would exceed the 30 credit hour limit for business courses mentioned above.

For more information, please refer to the Requirements for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree in the Catalog.