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Admission Requirements


Additional Information

Mental Health and Wellness Counseling – Online LPC Bridge coursework prepares students to apply for licensure only in the state of Texas. Students must assume responsibilities for securing a practicum site(s) and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S), and maintaining constant communication with the supervisor to meet the LPC-A state licensure pre-requisite requirements.

Credit Requirements

This graduate-level online bridge consists of 30 credit hours*. That means you only have to complete 10 courses to be ready to apply for licensure.

*Hours are dependent on transcript evaluation.

Application Deadlines

Eight-Week Bridge Deadlines:

  • Spring A: Dec 15
  • Spring B: Applications will open on Jan 22
  • Spring B: Mar 4
  • Summer: May 1
  • Fall A: Aug. 1
  • Fall B: Applications will open on Aug 30
  • Fall B: Oct. 1
Portrait of young African-American psychologist listening to children in support group circle

Bridge Courses (3 credit hours each)

  • EDG 6324: Career and Occupational Counseling
  • EDG 6327: Dysfunctional Behavior
  • EDG 6333: Assessment Techniques
  • EDG 6334: Addictions Counseling
  • EDG 6335: Counseling Ethics
  • EDG 6336: Marriage and Family Counseling
  • EDG 6337: Psychopathology
  • EDG 6338: Counseling Methods
  • EDG 6350: Counseling Practicum I
  • EDG 6351: Counseling  Practicum II

Total Credit Hours: 30*

The combination of our M.A. in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling program and the Online LPC Bridge meet the academic requirements to apply for LPC licensure.

Worried couple meeting with a social counselor

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