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Graduates of our Organizational Psychology and Human Resources program are prepared to work effectively in virtually any organizational setting, including public and nonprofit agencies, government institutions, companies, corporations, consulting, and foundations.

Program Faculty

Our experienced and diverse faculty are partners with our students. You can collaborate with them on research projects, and they are dedicated to providing the best possible online learning experience.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for human resources managers, organizational consultants, and training and development managers are expected to increase at a faster than average rate through 2028, adding thousands of new jobs.

  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “My favorite class was abnormal psychology. The lectures were amazing, and I also really enjoyed learning more in-depth about disorders.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Scotty McDowell</strong>, Class of 2022</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Dr. Drew Curtis had a huge impact on my life. His lectures help me decide that psychology was something I wanted to study more, and he also helped me realize I may want to become a counselor one day.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Scotty McDowell</strong>, Class of 2022</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “My favorite class at ASU was Psychology of Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Discrimination with Dr. Tay Hack because it taught me how our unconscious views of others can impact not only our mental health, but the mental health of others.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Veronika Kopp</strong>, Class of 2023, M.S. in Counseling Psychology</p> </blockquote>
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Our Courses

This online program allows you to earn your degree while also fulfilling your busy work and family obligations. While the online degree format offers flexibility, you should still expect to complete the same amount of work and spend the same amount of time on classes as with an in-person program. Depending on your learning and studying approach, expect to spend at least six to nine hours per week on a three-credit course.

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