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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy

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Earning your philosophy degree can open career doors for you in a wide variety of settings, including everything from education, ministry, medicine, law and business - to government, criminal justice, public relations and technical writing.

Plus, a study by the Educational Resources Information Center demonstrated that philosophy majors consistently scored higher than other majors on graduate school admission tests.

A Minor in Philosophy is also available and pairs well with any of our academic majors.

Program Faculty

Our experienced and diverse faculty are partners with our students. You can work side by side with them on research projects, and our small class sizes mean you get the individual attention you deserve.

Career Opportunities

Our nationally-recognized philosophy program can help prepare you for success in virtually any career field, or to move on to graduate or law school.

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Our Courses

Gain the communication, leadership, flexibility and critical thinking skills that will help you succeed in any career field or in graduate school.

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