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D.P.T. Admission Stage I

PTCAS Application

  1. Complete PTCAS application

    The application is accessed through PTCAS. If you have any problems with the application process, please contact PTCAS by Email: or Phone: 617-612-2040

    Login to Application

    Select the “Create New Account” button to begin your application or enter your username and password to log back into to your current PTCAS application.

    Read all PTCAS and program-specific instructions in order to properly complete the application process, including the submission of transcripts, references, test scores, PT observations hours, essay, custom materials, and other important items.

  2. Compose 2 essays

    One is required by PTCAS and the other is a supplemental essay required by the ASU Physical Therapy Admissions Committee.

    For the ASU Admissions Committee essay (Supplemental Essay): Write an essay of no more than 500 words that describes your educational plans, career objectives, commitment to your particular field of study, any research experience, your view of research and possible research interests, and personal goals. The essay may also address any of the following factors, which are qualities that will be acknowledged in the admission process:

    • Socioeconomic history

    • Family background (including level of educational attainment)

    • Personal talents, leadership capabilities, community service.

    The supplemental essay must be mailed to the ASU Physical Therapy Department, ASU Station #10923, San Angelo, TX 76909 or emailed to: by the deadline of September 15, 2024. Please include your full name on the essay.

  3. Pay application fee

    3-5 business days after PTCAS verification of the file, the applicant will receive an email from ASU with instructions on how to set up a User Account.

    (If you are a current ASU student or applied previously for the DPT program, you may not receive this email. In this case, you can use your current or previous ASU account details.)

    After the account has been set up the $40.00 supplemental application fee may be paid online or a check or money order (made out to Angelo State University) can be mailed to: The College of Graduate Studies and Research, ASU Station #11025, San Angelo, TX 76909-1025. International student’s application fee is $50 and can be paid by international postal money orders in U.S. dollars or via

  4. Order academic transcripts

    Have one official transcript from each college/university attended sent directly from each college/university to PTCAS. Please be aware that the GPA is calculated using all grades, even those on repeated courses.

  5. Request that an official copy of your General GRE Test Scores be sent directly to PTCAS from the Educational Testing Service.

    PTCAS will release your official GRE scores to a designated program if you have arranged for ETS to send it to that program’s “PTCAS GRE code”. If you do not send your GRE scores to the correct college codes, a program may consider your file incomplete, even if PTCAS received your official scores from ETS. For scores sent to a university GRE code, contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research at ASU directly.

    GRE scores cannot be more than five years old.

    GRE information:
    Educational Testing Service
    Princeton, NJ 08540
    Phone: 1-800-473-2255
    ASU Institution Code: 6644
    PTCAS Code: 7163

  6. Submit your prerequisite courses for ASU through PTCAS

    Report all United States and Canadian coursework attempted exactly as it appears on your official transcripts. You must include all attempted, failed, repeated, and withdrawn college courses.

    Indicate if Course Fulfills a Core PT Prerequisite on PTCAS

    • Match 1 course to each core PT course prerequisite (unless quarter term or repeated course).
    • If you repeated a course, match all attempts to the appropriate prerequisite.
    • If no match, select “none” from list.
    • If you have taken advanced courses in the same subject, only match the introductory or general course to the appropriate prerequisite. For instance, do not match advanced biology courses to “Biology I .”
    • You may match your course to a prerequisite, even if there was no lab included.
    • The “I” refers to the first semester and “II” refers to the second semester.

    *If you are unsure about a course counting for a certain prerequisite, please contact Dr. Kelly Moore in the PT Department ( for clarification* Be sure to send a course description and your unofficial transcript.

  7. Complete section on volunteer hours through PTCAS

    Enter all of your paid or volunteer physical therapist (PT) observation hours on the application. If you have observed a physical therapist in more than 1 setting, select “add new entry” for each additional experience. Hours must be verified by a PT. You can complete electronic PT signatures (strongly preferred), or you can have physical therapists upload paper signatures if internet access is limited.

    *Applicants must complete at least 50 hours that include two different areas of clinical practice.

  8. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation.

    Recommendations must include 2 PT/health-related, and 1 academic (instructor or academic advisor) or supervisor. All recommendations through PTCAS are now electronic.

    Electronic References

    • Enter the email address for evaluator.
    • PTCAS will automatically email the evaluator once the reference request is saved.
    • Alert the evaluator to watch for an email from with the subject heading “PTCAS Reference Request.”
    • If the email is not received, instruct the evaluator to check their spam and junk folders, or provide an alternate email address as some servers filter out messages from PTCAS.

*All application materials and forms must be submitted through PTCAS. Do not send any application materials to the Physical Therapy Department.

**Application must be COMPLETED in PTCAS by the deadline date to be considered. It may take up to a month for PTCAS to verify. Once applications are verified and processed, applicants must wait for notification from the Physical Therapy department as to whether they are moving on to Stage II with an interview. If not denied after completion of Stage I, applicants may receive an invitation to interview for a spot in the program. Please refer to Stage II processing.

Application must be COMPLETED in PTCAS by: September 15, 2024

For pre-application advising, transcript evaluation, or further information regarding Stage I, contact:

Department of Physical Therapy
ASU Station #10923, San Angelo, TX 76909

Attention International Students

International Applicants must submit TOEFL Scores. If English is not your first (primary) language, you must submit official TOEFL scores to TOEFL code 5312 by the application deadline. TOEFL scores cannot be more than two years old.

TOEFL information:

Educational Testing Service
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: 1-800-468-6335
ASU PTCAS Code: 5312

Enter TOEFL Information on PTCAS Application

Enter your TOEFL scores in the spaces provided. If you have taken the TOEFL multiple times, enter your scores for each date separately. Also enter any planned TOEFL test dates. Do not mix and match scores from different dates.

*Applicants should visit the International Graduate Student Admissions page for more information regarding requirements