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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science

(120 credit hours)*

Academic Major
Catalogs Hours
Political Science 2304 3
Political Science 4361 3
American Politics:
Political Science 3304, 3307, 3308
Political Theory:
Political Science 4331, 4332
Comparative Politics and International Relations:
Political Science 3341, 3351
Political Science (advanced) 21
Major Support Courses
Courses Hours
General Studies 1181 1
Cultural Competence 2323,
English 2321, 2322, 2323, 2326, 2329, 2331, 2341
History 2311, 2312, 2322,
Honors 2305,
Philosophy 1301, 2305, 2306
Modern Language 1301, 1302, 2311, 2312
in a single modern language
Core Curriculum
Courses Hours
Core Curriculum. Students should be aware that some majors specify particular courses to meet core-curriculum requirements when options are available. 42
Courses Hours
Minor (6 hours must be advanced) 18
Courses Hours
Electives 8

*Students who are interested in public administration careers should use the electives in the political science degree program to take the following courses: Economics 2301, 2302, Psychology 2301, Sociology 1306, Accounting 2301 and 2302, Also refer to the Political Science Internship section which follows.

Graduation Requirement for Political Science Majors

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science are required to complete a Major Field Test (MFT) in Political Science in order to be eligible for graduation. Students may take this examination after completing all government requirements or in the semester immediately prior to graduation. The exam score will not affect GPA, but will be part of the student’s record.

Political Science Internship

Political Science internships are available to qualified junior and senior students who are majoring in political science and have a minimum GPA of 2.00. If the student is accepted as an intern, an appropriate advanced course designed to prepare the student for intern duties will be taken the semester preceding the internship. During the semester of the internship, duties will be performed in an approved government or political agency, for which up to six semester hours of credit may be received. The student will intern under the supervision of a member of the government faculty, and the work will involve a combination of practical work and research. Application for the internship program must be made the semester before the advanced preparation course is taken. A maximum of six semester hours of credit received for an internship can be credited to the regular requirement of 36 semester hours for a major in political science. The applications can be obtained in the office of the Department of Political Science and Philosophy.


A student preparing for law school should complete a baccalaureate degree. A major in political science provides excellent pre-law preparation though numerous other majors are acceptable to most law schools. A pre-law student wishing to major in political science should consult the Political Science and Philosophy Department’s pre-law advisor, Dr. Tony Bartl, to be advised on the selection of a minor and electives.