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A male psychotherapist or counsellor interacts with a male client during a one-to-one therapy session.

What Can You Do With a Counseling Psychology Degree?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities in all types of counseling and other social services are expected to increase dramatically through 2031, adding thousands of new jobs.

Our graduates are prepared for employment in mental health agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation settings, vocational counseling, academic counseling and private practice. You will also be prepared to continue your education in a doctoral program.

  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “My favorite class at ASU was Psychology of Stereotypes, Prejudices, and Discrimination with Dr. Tay Hack because it taught me how our unconscious views of others can impact not only our mental health, but the mental health of others.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Veronika Kopp</strong>, Class of 2023, M.S. in Counseling Psychology</p> </blockquote>
Young man explaining his problems in a therapy session at a psychologist's office

Why Earn My Counseling Psychology Degree at Angelo State?

A female psychologist offers sympathy to a mature man while conducting a group therapy session

Research Experience

We facilitate a wide range of opportunities for you to conduct high-level research with your professors in a variety of mental health areas. This will augment your critical-thinking skills and inform your future clinical practice. You may also be able to present your research at national conferences and have it published in professional journals.

A female counselor gestures as she talks with a female client in a therapy session.

Assistantship Opportunities

You can apply for available paid graduate assistant (GA), teaching assistant (TA) and research assistant (RA) positions within our program. You will gain valuable practical experience while you complete your degree, and the stipend can also help offset the already low cost of our program.

An older male therapist gestures and gives a young adult man advice.

Exam Excellence

Our comprehensive training program, our high expectations, and the quality of our students have resulted in a 100% passing rate on the National Counselor Exam since 2005. That’s just one of the reasons our nationally recognized program is one of the top counseling degrees in Texas.

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We’re here to help.

  • Committed to Your Success

    Whether you’re pursuing a master’s degree, doctoral degree or certificate/certification, you have access to all the services in our College of Graduate Studies and Research. You’ll find information and resources for everything from registering for classes and writing a thesis – to available graduate/teaching assistantships and graduate research opportunities.