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Experimental Psychology M.S. Degree Plan

(42 credit hours)

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option

Students must complete a minimum of 39 credit hours of graduate-level course work and three (3) additional credit hours of graduate-level work in supportive electives.

Psychology courses must include 6316, 6336, 6342, 6364, 6365, 6366, 6367, 6368, 6369, 6370 and 6373. Thesis Students must also take 6399 (Thesis) twice or 6699 (Thesis). Non-thesis students are required to take 6391 (twice) for the capstone project.

The remaining three credit hours of a supporting elective can be chosen from 6317 or 6347. An elective outside of this list may be chosen, but must be approved by the graduate advisor.