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Industrial/Organizational Psychology M.S. Degree Plan

(42 credit hours)

Our program’s required credit hours are divided into three categories:

Our courses are organized into four content-based dyads:

Furthermore, PSY 6313-6362, PSY 6352-6356 and PSY 6350-6360 are temporally linked.

By “temporally linked,” we mean that the courses are offered on the same night, and that they overlap with each other.

For example, PSY 6313 is populated by first-year students and begins at 4 p.m., while PSY 6362 is populated by second-year students and begins at 7 p.m. The courses overlap during the 6-7 p.m. hour, and during that time we may have special group projects, guest speakers, and other content area discussions that both cohorts can experience together.

There are a number of benefits to this model for both students and faculty, and we have found that the more concentrated exposure to course material enhances learning.

Students complete the curriculum as indicated in the table below. Internship (PSY 6672) or Thesis (PSY 6699) courses are taken either in the intermediate summer term or in the second year of the program.

I/O Curriculum
Semester 1 PSY 6313 PSY 6352 elective
Semester 2 PSY 6358 PSY 6350 elective
Semester 3 PSY 6362 PSY 6356 elective
Semester 4 PSY 6363 PSY 6360 elective