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What’s the difference between a B.A. and B.S. in Psychology?

The B.A. degree plan includes foreign language classes and fewer science classes. The B.S. degree plan includes additional science and research classes, but no foreign language requirement.

Program Details

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What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree?

Whether you earn your B.A. or B.S. in psychology, you will possess the communication, critical-thinking, decision-making, teamwork and leadership skills to succeed in virtually any career field. You will also gain practical experience that you can document on your résumé, which will give you an advantage when applying for a job or for graduate or professional school.

Popular career fields range from counseling, mental health and social work - to criminal justice, business and education, plus many others.

  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “My favorite class was abnormal psychology. The lectures were amazing, and I also really enjoyed learning more in-depth about disorders.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Scotty McDowell</strong>, Class of 2022</p> </blockquote>
  • <blockquote class="quote-block--simple"> <p> “Dr. Drew Curtis had a huge impact on my life. His lectures help me decide that psychology was something I wanted to study more, and he also helped me realize I may want to become a counselor one day.”</p> <p class="blockquote-author"><strong>Scotty McDowell</strong>, Class of 2022</p> </blockquote>

Why Earn My Psychology Degree at Angelo State?

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Dynamic Facilities

Learn to apply psychological principles in our research labs dedicated to neuroscience, cognition, deception and social/developmental psychology. You’ll work side by side with your professors gaining valuable skills and insights.

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Undergraduate Certificates

Earn extra credentials by completing specific four-course blocks within your degree plan. Certificates go on your transcript and make great additions to your résumé. Certificates are available in Human Development, Human Diversity, Mental Health: Problems and Prevention, and Organizational Psychology.

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Psych 2110: Applying Your Degree

We specifically designed this course to help you connect your education with your post-graduation goals, whether you want to immediately start your career or move on to graduate or professional school. It will help you form a specific plan of action for life after college.

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    Challenge Yourself

    Take your education to the next level in the ASU Honors Program. Through special courses, cultural events, research and community engagement, we’ll help you transform your intellectual and personal talents into marketable skills for your future. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in prestigious internships, fellowships and other programs to reach your full potential.

  • Committed to Your Success

    Our Freshman College is a one-stop resource for programs and services that help you transition into college life, improve your communication skills, and engage in active learning. You can also get academic help in the Math Lab and Writing Center, receive peer mentoring and tutoring through Supplemental Instruction, or set up online tutoring sessions.