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Public Relations

Minor in Public Relations

Our PR Minor is designed for students who already have effective writing skills and a basic understanding of communication and/or business theory.

Your courses will include a heavy writing component. They will not serve as remedial courses – and can’t be substituted for required courses in your major.

Communication or Mass Media majors may not choose the PR Minor.

Program Faculty

Our faculty stay up to date on current PR industry trends, and several have won statewide teaching awards. Our small class sizes mean you really get to know your professors, and you can work side by side with them on PR projects and in our on-campus media outlets.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for public relations specialists are expected to increase at a faster than average rate through 2028, adding thousands of new job openings.

Student presentation

Our Courses

The PR Minor consists of 18 credit hours, including four upper-level core courses. You can earn this minor by taking the following courses:

  • Communication 2330
  • Communication 1337 or 2344 – or Mass Media 1337
  • Communication 3321 or 3336
  • Communication 3336 or 4337
  • Communication 4335
  • Communication 4337
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