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Social Work M.S.W. Admission

Admissions Process

All prospective M.S.W. students must follow the admission requirements below in addition to the admission requirements based on their track selected. *Acceptance is determined by the amount of available space.

Application Deadlines

These deadlines are for applications only. Financial Aid and Scholarships may have their own deadlines.

The M.S.W. program at Angelo State University admits students each fall. ASU will process your application as quickly as possible; however, applying early gives you the best opportunity for admission. A general rule is to submit your application and support documents at least two months before the desired semester start date.

Applications remaining incomplete after the final deadline date will be at risk of not being reviewed for admission.

M.S.W. Program (U.S. and International Applicants)

The M.S.W. Program is currently accepting program admission applications for Fall 2024. All applications are due by February 15.

For more Information

Contact our M.S.W. Program Director

Assistant Professor/Director of Master of Social Work Program, Faculty Senator

or the Social Work Program Office Coordinator