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Earning your Spanish degree can help you find work in everything from interpreting and translating, language analysis, and teaching Spanish - to international relations, publishing, health services and business.

A Minor in Spanish also pairs well with any of our academic majors. Minors in French, German and Russian are also available.

Program Faculty

Our experienced faculty are partners with our students. You can work with them on research and other projects, and our small class sizes mean you get the individual attention you deserve.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for interpreters, translators, public school teachers and foreign affairs officers will continue to increase at a steady rate through 2028.

But even outside of those obvious career fields, the ability to communicate in Spanish can be a valuable asset when applying for jobs, especially in Texas.

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Two students discuss and one points across the room.

Our Courses

Gain hands-on experience through our annual Foreign Language Festival, and interact with professionals at our annual ASU Writers Conference. Translating opportunities may also be available with our University Theatre program and our Planetarium.

Instructor writes on the board.

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