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Application Requirements

You also need to have a basic foundation in all areas of psychology and a strong foundation in the areas of developmental and social psychology, as these are areas in which someone with a master’s degree would be likely to teach.

Credit Requirements

This graduate-level certificate program consists of 18 credit hours. That means you only have to complete six courses to earn your certificate.

Completion of this certificate does not satisfy the requirements to obtain teacher certification at the secondary level.

Application Deadlines

These deadlines are for application only. Financial Aid and Scholarships may have their own deadlines.

Spring: October 15
Summer/Fall: March 15

Applications for the M.S. in Applied Psychology program will be reviewed beginning on March 15 for Summer and Fall admissions, and beginning on October 15 for spring admissions.

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Certificate Courses (3 credit hours each)

  • PSY 6302: Core Concepts in Psychological Science
  • PSY 6303: Social Psychology
  • PSY 6314: Research Methods
  • PSY 6338: Educational Psychology
  • PSY 6347: Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 6361: Teaching of Psychology

Total credit hours: 18

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