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Experience the world of theatre in every possible way. We present five productions a year, plus several student-led plays, and all theatre majors are invited to audition for acting roles, work on the technical crews, and participate in management and promotions.

As a result, our graduates can expect to find work in virtually any theatre career field, as well as in teaching theatre in public and private schools.

A Minor in Theatre is also available.

Program Faculty

Our faculty all have professional theatre experience and continue to work in the industry. You will work side by side with them on theatre productions, and our small class sizes mean you get the individual attention you deserve.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates enjoy successful careers as professional stage, film and voice actors, designers, directors, professional arts administrators, and high school and junior high theatre teachers.

Others have been accepted into graduate schools for performance, playwriting and design.

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A theatre student on the production crew wearing a headset.

Our Courses

Gain valuable practical experience in acting, set and theatre design, playwriting, directing, and all aspects of stage and theatre management.

A theatre student on stage in a costume acting in the play Macbeth.

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