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Payment Voucher Preparation

What documentation or information is needed for payment?


Payment vouchers are to be paid from original invoices. Every effort is made to pay from an original invoice to reduce the number of duplicate payments made to vendors. If the original invoice is not available, “Original not Available” should be noted on the faxed invoice or the copy of the invoice.

The following information will assist in ensuring that vendors are paid correctly, able to easily identify the payment, and paid in a timely manner in accordance with various laws, guidelines, rules, procedures, etc.

Vendor ID

The vendor ID, FEIN or SSN, and name and address must match the “Remit To” information as specified on the invoice, bill, or other payment request from the payee/vendor.

Invoice Number

The Invoice Number field is the information that the payee/vendor needs to identify the payment. This should include the vendor assigned account number and the invoice number. If no vendor assigned account number or invoice number is available, we will assign information/text that will allow the payee/vendor to identify the payment. Note that these comment lines print first on the check stub followed by the information in the invoice number field(s). A stub is sent to the vendor if one has been provided on the invoice to assist the payee/vendor in identifying the payment.

Description of Goods

The invoice should state what items are being purchased. The price should include the amount per item and extension for more than one item. Sales tax should not be included as the State of Texas is exempt from paying this tax.


Goods/Services Received

The “Goods/Services Received Dates” is/are the dates(s) the material was accepted or the services were performed. If not received by Central Receiving, the department should indicate “OK To Pay,” sign and date the document.

Invoice Received Date

The “Invoice Received Date” field is the date that the correct invoice/bill/payment request was first received by the paying department (mailed, faxed, hand delivered). This date must be clearly indicated on the invoice/bill/payment request.

Requested Payment Date

Advance payments such as registration fees for conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. should indicate the Beginning Date of the conference, seminar, meeting, etc. The “Requested Payment Date” field should be indicated on the Purchase Requisition to insure that the payment will be made in sufficient time for the payee to register the attendees. No other payments will be paid in advance without prior approval by the Director of Purchasing, the Accounts Payable Manager, the Controller or other designees.


Attachments are to be used only when the vendor requires a form to be sent with a payment, such as registrations, license renewals, subscriptions, etc. Copies of invoices are generally not to be sent with a payment. Attachments cannot be sent with direct deposit (ACH) payments.