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Institutional Effectiveness Planning & Budget Timeline (SPOL)


February 14-
March 25, 2022

BUDGET-FY23 Budget Opens

SPOL available for budget entry. Budget Training available upon request. Contact Budget Office at 942-2517.

February 17, 2022

September 23, 2022

PLANNING & Enhanced Budgets- SPOL Training

If you are a new Director, Chair, Dean, or other planning unit manager, please attend this training. If you are not new but would like a refresher, you are welcome as well. This training will cover how to maneuver SPOL, PLANNING objectives, and entering enhanced budgets. Accountability webpage

  • Non-academic (8:30a.m.-11:30a.m.)

  • Academic (1:30p.m.-4:30p.m.)

February 18, 2022

March 24-25, 2022

April 21-22, 2022
(Fix feedback from 2nd approver)

October 5-6, 2022
(FY22 Close-out and FY23 through Assessment Measurements)

PLANNING- Accountability Open Session

Accountability Open Session: This is your time to come and enter and/or update your current or future continuous improvement PLANNING objectives with data and evidence, ask additional questions, etc. The Office of Accountability will be there to assist you if needed. Accountability webpage


Key: * = Approval/Rejection/Feedback Due

March 18, 2022*

(1st Approver: Unit Manager) 

BUDGET & PLANNING- Enhanced Budget Requests and Planning Objectives

PLANNING- Current Year Close- Out & Next Year Plans

All PLANNING Objectives and Tasks that require additional budgeted funds (Enhanced Requests) for 2022-2023 should be entered in SPOL and tied to one of your FY23 PLANNING Objectives.

FY22: PLANNING: Objectives, Tasks, Status Reports, Assessment Measures, Intended Results/Benchmarks, and if they are complete, Actual Results, and Use of Results with any documented evidence attached. Some of these objectives you are still working on, so please update to this point.

FY23: PLANNING Objectives complete. These should tie into the strategic planning priorities your departments have been working on to meet mission and institutional goals. This should include planning years, institutional goals, mission support, planning priorities, tasks, assessment measures, and intended results/benchmarks.

April 8, 2022*

(2nd Approver)

BUDGET & PLANNING All FY23 PLANNING Objectives and Budget
(Enhanced Budget Requests & Planning Objectives) for 2022-2023 should be approved and/or rejected in SPOL.

April 15, 2022*

(1st Approver) 

BUDGET & PLANNING Baseline Budget Due

May 13, 2022*

Deans/Executive Directors/Associate VPs


All FY23 Planning Objectives and Budget should be approved and/or rejected. Any changes made at this level should be communicated to 1st level approvers. Also includes faculty salary lines.

June 10, 2022*

Vice Presidents and President


All FY23 Planning Objectives and Budget final approvals/rejections for all divisions. Any changes made at this level should be communicated to 2nd level
approvers. Budgets approved should not exceed available sources of funds.

June 13-July 22, 2022


Budget review and corrections by Budget office. SPOL budget closed for ALL users except budget office.


BUDGET • Budget Summary due to System Office.
• Budget to be recommended to Board of Regents available online in SPOL.
• Executive Summary to be presented to Board of Regents.

October 7, 2022*

PLANNING FY 23: PLANNING SHOULD BE Complete through Assessment Measures inclusive of ALL approvals.
FY22 Planning Lock-Out for University Assessment Committee preparation. 20th class day data and close- out results should be added.

Last Week of October

University Assessment Committee Initial Meeting University Assessment Committee Preparation for Review Cycle S (3-year review: 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022)