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Collegiate Licensing

We welcome vendors’ help in promoting Angelo State University. We love seeing Angelo State gear and clothing everywhere we go.

Apply to become a licensed vendor with us so you can use our logos and marks on items you make or offer for sale.

When you apply, you’ll work with our HUB & Logo Licensing Coordinator to select a licensing contract and learn how to manage the collegiate licensing process. You’ll work with ASU’s Office of Communications and Marketing as you develop artwork and send it to us for approval.

Both offices are responsible for protecting, controlling and enforcing the use of university marks on products, in promotions and in advertising.

We want the extended Ram Family to proudly wear and carry our insignia. Through this policy and program, we ensure that our registered trademarks follow our identity guidelines, so Angelo State is represented with consistency and quality, and we follow rules that keep us in compliance with our trademark registrations.

Trademark Policies | Texas Tech University System

ASU is a member of the Texas Tech University System. The system and its component institutions each have trademark policies:

Texas Tech University System

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso