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A New

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Exciting Things Ahead

A website is the number one piece of marketing for an institute of higher education, and we want ours to do just that: market Angelo State University. The Office of Communications and Marketing, in conjunction with Web Services, is working to bring you a new

Why Redesign?

Regular redesigns are normal for all well maintained websites, including universities. Our main motivations for starting this process include:

We Need Your Help

Building a new website is a team effort, and you are a part of that team. With your help, we can make a great new website. We have two forms we’d love for you to look at:


The Path Forward

A redesign for a university typically takes between one and two years. We think ours will take about 18 months. There are four major phases, each involving different campus partners.

We’re starting off with our Research and Discovery in December of 2018 and continuing through the spring. This is a long process, and we promise not to leave anyone out as we create a website that better markets Angelo State University.

  1. Research and Discovery
    Research and Discovery
    Dec. 2018 - Spring 2019
  2. Design
    Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
  3. Content
    Spring/Summer 2020
  4. Launch
    Summer 2020

Research and Discovery

The research and discovery portion of our redesign will be conducted in partnership with a company called iFactory. They’re from Boston and they really know their stuff. They even make hyper-accessible websites for people who are blind and blind-deaf.

They’ll be talking to a sampling of almost 50 representatives from Angelo State for a campus-wide marketing integration. During these stakeholder sessions, iFactory will be asking us about what we do and don’t like about our website.

To supplement this qualitative research, they will be analyzing our Google Analytics to determine how people use the website. Combined with the results of the stakeholder sessions, iFactory will provide Angelo State with a recommendation report as we move forward with our redesign.

Other portions of our contract with iFactory include:

  • Workflow and site management review
  • Search engine optimization analysis (how do we make Google like us?)
  • Sitemap and persona review (who uses our website and what do they use it for?)
  • Accessibility audit of with a remediation report


During the design portion of the redesign Web Services and the Office of Communications and Marketing are going to have a ton of decisions to make. We’ll be using data to inform these decisions.

Ultimately, a better design will give us better information architecture. People use websites to find information, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to find what they need to about Angelo State.


Folks, we’re going to need your help with this one. You are the experts about your content! We’ll need your help writing better content. Better content will be:

  • ADA compliant
  • Short and sweet (less words = better website)
  • Branded so we can show everyone our Ram Pride

We’ll have to make some tough decisions when it comes to design and content, but remember, the goal is to have an amazing website.


When it comes time to launch we will have a brand new! In higher education, a good redesign will often bring about larger incoming freshman classes and increased donations. We’ll be better able to show off the Ram Family to San Angelo, Texas and the world!

But the work doesn’t stop when the launch is over. We’ll have to keep up with the workflow to maintain the site. Just because you remodel the kitchen and get a fancy new dishwasher doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the dishes anymore. Keeping the site clean and nice will require maintenance. We’ll help train you to keep everything in tip-top shape.