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The university stationery and business card policy requires the use of the ASU logo. For off-campus uses, letterhead is to be printed in official ASU colors. For on-campus uses, it may be printed in black-and-white. In special situations discussed in advance with the Office of Communications and Marketing and authorized in writing by the president, black-and-white letterhead may be used for certain off-campus communications.

The revised policy governing stationery and business cards can be found in Sections 26.09 the university’s operating policies and procedures. To augment the policies, we have established guidelines to help printers with the exact printing specifications.

To order stationery and/or business cards, fill out a Project Request Form. Please provide the following data:

After your department has approved a proof for stationery or business cards, you will be sent a printed layout to forward to the Print Shop along with a Print Shop Requisition from your department.

When stationery and/or business cards need to be re-printed without any changes to existing data, they can be re-ordered directly from the Print Shop without a Publication Request Form. In instances where stationery and business cards need to be re-ordered with changes, the order should be routed through the Communications and Marketing Office along with a completed Publication Request Form. (Use ASU login, or SSO.)

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