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Contract Management Handbook

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This Contract Management Handbook (Handbook) is intended to serve as a general guideline for the Contract Management process and to establish best practice recommendations.  Contract Management is the coordination and management of five core processes: Planning, Procurement, Contract Formation, Contract Administration, and Contract Closeout.  Various types of purchases and contracts may be subject to different statutory standards, practices, processes, and strategies for successful implementation.  This Handbook outlines recommendations on improving existing contract management processes and practices for contract managers.

TTUS Contract Management Handbook

  1. Contract Review Checklist
  2. Disclosure of Potential Conflicts by Institution Officials or Employees
  3. Conflict of Interest Form for Purchasing Office or Contracting Office Personnel
  4. Contract Accountability and Risk Analysis Procedure
  5. Non-Disclosure for Contract Review Team Members
  6. Request for Solicitation Process
  7. Invitation for Bid Template
    Invitation for Bid Template - Additional Pages
  8. Request for Information Template
  9. Request for Proposal Template
  10. Request for Qualifications Template
  11. Exempt Purchase List
  12. Scope of Work Guidelines
  13. Scoring Matrix Sample for Solicitation Process
  14. Standard Terms and Conditions
  15. Summary of Delegated Contract Authority
  16. Contract Administration Checklist
  17. Institutional Policy for Contract Performance Monitoring
  18. Report Form for Contracts Requiring Enhanced Contract Monitoring (Contracts > $1,000,000)
  19. Report Form for Contracts Requiring Enhanced Contract Monitoring (Contracts > $5,000,000)
  20. Uniform General Conditions and Supplementary General Conditions