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Fire/HazMat Emergency Procedures

Professional in uniform works with hazardous materials

A fire or hazardous material release can occur at any time. See the information below for detailed procedures on mitigating these incidents:

  • Fire

    Fire Notification Procedures

    • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
    • Call 9-1-1 to report facility and location of fire.
    • Evacuate facility via the nearest exit, notifying occupants as you leave.

    Fire Evacuation Procedures

    • Before opening a door, place the back of your hand against it to see if it is hot.
    • If cool to the touch:
      • Open the door slowly and check for smoke.
      • Stay low and avoid smoke-filled areas.
      • Use the nearest accessible stairwell or exit.
      • Do not use elevators.
      • Close all doors as you exit.
    • If the door is hot, remain in room:
      • If you are on the ground floor, carefully exit via a window.
      • If you are on an upper floor, call 9-1-1 to report your location and status.
      • Place a towel under the door to block smoke.
      • Open a window, if possible.
      • Hang a towel or clothes from a window to mark your location.
      • Stay low to avoid smoke and heat.
    • Meet at an assembly point after exiting and remain at least 300 feet upwind from the facility.
    • Keep all parking lots, walkways and roadways clear for emergency responders and vehicles.
    • Prevent people from entering the facility.
    • Do not re-enter the facility until an “all-clear” is received.

    Remember: If clothes catch fire, drop to the floor and roll back and forth. If assisting someone else, smother the fire with a blanket or rug and notify an emergency responder for assistance.

  • Hazardous Material Spill

    The Hazardous Chemical Storage and Spill Contingency Plan provides guidance for how to safely mitigate and respond to hazardous material spills.

    Spill Response Procedures

    • Alert individuals in close proximity to the spill.
    • Evacuate the area/facility if the substance poses an inhalation or other exposure hazard.
    • Notify Environmental Health and Safety at 325-942-2180, and University Police at 325-942-2071.
    • Provide the following information:
      • Type of spill (chemical/biological)
      • Specific location of the spill
      • The substance and quantity involved
      • Hazards associated with the substance
      • Any injuries/medical treatment requirements

    Remediation Procedures

    • Attempt to contain the spill to the extent at which you have been trained and/or are comfortable.
      • Use appropriate personal protective equipment: gloves, eye protection, mask, etc.
      • Use appropriate absorbent/containment materials and procedures.
    • If you do not feel comfortable containing the spill, keep the area secure and wait for appropriate personnel to arrive.

    For questions or concerns regarding chemical handling and storage, chemical spill response and/or laboratory safety standards, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 325-942-2180.

  • Gas/Chemical Leak
    • Cease all operations immediately and evacuate the area/facility, alerting others as you leave.
      • Extinguish open-flame sources.
      • Do not switch electrical devices on/off.
      • Do not close drawers, windows or doors.
    • Report the leak to University Police.
    • After evacuating, move upwind, at least 300 feet away from the affected area/facility.
    • Do not re-enter the area/facility until cleared to do so by University Police or the fire department.

Emergency Contacts

Dial 9-1-1

University Police: 
Dial 325-942-2071

Facility Emergency:
Dial 325-942-2355