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Building Emergency Response Team (BERT)

Angelo State University has developed a network of volunteer personnel to assist with the creation of emergency response plans and procedures. These personnel work not only as a large team, but also as individual building teams to develop, implement, inform, and test emergency procedures in all buildings on campus.

In the event of an emergency, the BERT team will provide information relevant to your building, including evacuation, assembly, and ASUAlerts.

ASUAlerts are messages about an emergency. The message may alert you to an emergency situation, ask you to take action, or both.  Some weather warnings including flash flood, severe thunderstorm, winter storm, and tornado warnings will also be sent as an ASUAlert. The messages are short (only 160 characters long). For more detailed information, visit ASUAlert.

Before an emergency occurs, please take time to learn who the BERT leader is for your building. This information is on the BERT website and on the Emergency Response Posters located in your building.

Please note that no communication distribution method, including BERT, is infallible. For that reason, ASU uses redundant systems of emergency communication, including telephone, web, email, radio, and text messaging, to distribute news and instructions during an emergency. Before an emergency arrives, please make yourself aware of all of the distribution methods by visiting our Emergency Communications website.

ASU Alert

Sign up for ASUAlert, the communication system that allows the university to send out time-sensitive emergency notifications to students, faculty and staff via voice messages, text messages and ASU email.

National Weather Service

Get current and predicted weather information for San Angelo and the Concho Valley from the National Weather Service.

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