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A Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan is a data-informed process that aligns an institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular and enrollment resources with its changing environment to accomplish the institution’s mission and ensure the institution’s long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

Simply put, our goal is to move from an “enrollment by chance” approach to 
“enrollment by design.” We know the culture built around Angelo State and the Ram Family is unmatched, and our SEM Plan will allow us to collaborate, educate and overcome roadblocks to help us sustain the culture we have created.

We partnered with CampusWorks to guide the development of our plan. It was created through an inclusive, collaborative process that invited students, faculty and staff to contribute their perspectives and insights.

SEM Plan Pillars and Goals

Our SEM Plan focuses on the following pillars and goals, which are supported by corresponding objectives and action plans:

Pillar 1: Recruitment and Marketing

  • Goal 1: Enroll an increasing number of new students to ASU to help them achieve their academic goals and ensure institutional viability.
  • Goal 2: Strengthen ASU’s market position and brand awareness to improve enrollment outcomes.

Pillar 2: Retention and Persistence

  • Goal 3: Cultivate a vibrant campus experience that enhances a sense of community connections and affinity with the University to increase persistence and graduation rates.
  • Goal 4: Enhance academic and co-curricular support systems and build a framework to intentionally engage students and reduce barriers to success.

Pillar 3: Career Opportunities

  • Goal 5: Ensure that the academic portfolio meets the workforce demands and aligns with student academic interests and career goals to leverage institutional resources and strengthen our market position.
  • Goal 6: Provide experiential learning for students throughout their academic journey to improve student learning outcomes.

  • Goal 7: Foster alumni and employer engagement with the University to improve career opportunities after graduation.

Pillar 4: Data Informed Planning

  • Goal 8: Identify relevant internal and external data sources by the end of Spring 2024 for relevant prioritized objectives.
  • Goal 9: Ensure there is a shared understanding of the definitions of key performance indicators by the end of Spring 2024.

  • Goal 10: Prioritize the data collection and reporting infrastructure for improvement by the end of Spring 2024.

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Committee Members

Dr. David Bixler

Dean of College of Graduate Studies and Research

Mr. Brian Braden

Executive Director of Information Technology & CTO

Mrs. Brandy Hawkins

Executive Director of Accountability

Dr. Clifton Jones

Vice Provost/Professor

Flor Leos, Ph.D.

Chief Core Values, Leader Development, and Community Engagement Officer

Dr. Ben Lion

Vice President for Student Affairs

Mrs. Jamie Mayer

Vice President for External Affairs

Dr. Kerri Mikulik

Executive Director of Admissions, Strategic Partnerships and Dual Credit

Brittney Miller

Director of Communications & Marketing

Dr. Sandra Mohr

Dean of Digital Learning and Instruction

Dr. Micheal Salisbury

Dean of Freshman College/Professor/Director of 1st Year Experience – Freshman College

Mr. Jeff Sefcik

Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Dr. Paul Swets


Dr. Donald Topliff

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Angie Wright

Vice President for Finance & Administration