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Angelo State University facilities constitute a significant resource for the state, and as such, there is a requirement to account for the use of our space.

Angelo State Facilities Inventory

Facilities inventory changes occurring throughout the year must be submitted to the Space Planning Coordinator.

Online SAARF form

Types of changes to report when they happen:

For more information, please see the link for helpful terms and definitions, as well as an informational PowerPoint presentation.

Space Planning and Utilization

Space Planning and Utilization Guide

We pair with other departments on campus to maintain an accurate Inventory of ASU facilities and provide a reliable reporting system to file essential annual reports to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). 

These reports are important factors in the determination of Higher Education Assistance Funding (HEAF) and serve as principal considerations for capital project approval.  

Inventory Reports

Space Planning and Utilization submit facilities inventory reports (CBM011, the room inventory report, and CBM014, the building inventory report). 

ASU certifies the facilities inventory each year in a submission to the THECB.  Space Planning and Utilization uses the annual Space Representative Reports to validate the accuracy of facilities inventory information. 

For More Information

Please see Our Guide page