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Process for Checking out Keys

If you need keys to your office or other ASU rooms on and off campus, follow these instructions.

How to Check Out Keys

  1. Pick up the Angelo State University Key Authorization Card from your department (your department should have several copies, but you can pick up a card from the key shop if they have run out).
  2. Fill out the form with your information (located on the front of the card), which keys you need (located on the back), and ask your Department Head to date and sign the card (located on the front).
  3. If you don’t know the key number you need (check with your department’s office coordinator), you can fill out the building and room number.
  4. Bring your completed card to the key shop (located in the Facilities Management Building) with a photo ID and you will be given your keys.
  5. We recommend that you keep your keys on the ASU key chain (provided to you with your keys).

Frequently Asked Questions