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THECB Requirements

In the fall of 2011, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) adopted new standards relating to reporting the condition of the campus to the Legislature. In the past, the campus was only required to report deferred maintenance projects to the THECB, and this report is known as the MP2 Report. Apparently, the Legislature wanted to see more accurate reporting of facilities expenditures, and the THECB put together work groups to develop a report that would more accurately report campus expenditures relating to facilities. This report, called a Campus Condition Index report will still be referred to as the MP2 report, but will require each campus to report all expenditures over $1,000 each year, by type of expenditure and by building. The categories are known as planned maintenance, facilities adaptations, and deferred and critical deferred maintenance. This new report will include planned expenditures for the coming year, upcoming five years, and what has been spent the past year. Preparing this report is one of the duties of Facilities Planning and Construction.

So what does this mean to you?  It means that if your department is planning a project within the next five years, you need to report the plan to Facilities Planning and Construction each year when the request goes out. It also means that if you have had work completed in your area with a cost over $1,000, you need to send a summary of the work completed, when, where and by whom, so we can accurately report that information to the THECB. It does not make any difference of the source of the funds, or who does the work. This applies to technology upgrades, furniture upgrades and construction, as long as the cost is $1,000 or more. 

It is important that you report your desires each year as these are placed on a master list and are viewed by the administration annually. Any projects that would be funded by HEAF funds will be reviewed and prioritized for possible funding. Projects that are to be funded by other sources will be shown on a separate list, but those projects will also be reviewed by the administration.

Should you have any questions regarding the rules or new reporting guidelines, please call 325-942-2380.