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Computer Labs Frequently Asked Questions

Does my technology services fee, paid at registration, pay for everything I do in the computer labs?

Your technology services fee enables you to be assigned a computer access account. This account is necessary to utilize the computers, software, and black and white printers in the Computer Labs, as well as to receive assistance from the lab support staff. Wasteful or excessive printing is not allowed in the Computer Labs. The use of our color laser printer requires an additional charge of $.20 cents a page.

How do I get a computer access account and how long is it active?

Computer access accounts are available to all students at Angelo State University. The account will allow you to log on to the computers in the labs and an ASU email account. In order to be issued an account, bring your ASU OneCard. This account will be active until graduation from ASU or until you do not enroll for a long semester. Accounts of students that have graduated or are not currently enrolled will be deactivated on the twelfth class day of the next fall or spring semester.

Does my email address have to be my username?

Yes, your email address is created from your username. You cannot create an alias name to use for your email address.

How can I safeguard my account and personal data and what can I do if I forget my password?

The most important thing you can do is to keep your password in a secure place and not share it with anyone. You can be held liable if someone misuses your account so never lend your account to anyone. If you forget your username or password you can go by any of the Computer Labs, and the lab assistant can help you.

To ensure the security of computer accounts you must present a VALID ASU OneCard. No other ID is acceptable for issuing accounts or changing passwords.

Is there assistance available in the Computer Labs if I have a question or problem?

Lab assistants, who may be identified by ASU IT nametags and red IT lanyards can answer most questions about the use of the Computer Lab hardware and software and assist you if there is a problem. If they cannot adequately answer your question, they will refer you to other resources available. However, they cannot do your homework for you, as you must earn your own grade.

Where do I save my files?

Every student has disk space on the P: drive. Anything saved on your P: drive will be accessible from all computer labs on campus and will remain there until you graduate or withdraw from the university. You may also save your data to your personal USB flash or portable hard drive.

Failure to adhere to any of the above policies or procedures could result in the revocation of your computer access account.

Review the other policies and procedures governing the use of ASU information systems.