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Faculty/Staff: Your ASU Technology Access Account

Listed below are accounts which are routinely created for new employees, along with optional accounts that may be requested.

Note: Employees are required to use Duo two-factor authentication when accessing ASU accounts.

Technology Access Account – A network account allows you access to the server or privileged access, i.e., additional drives or printers in your office. Your network account also grants access to computers found in classrooms, student computer labs. The format is currently your first initial followed by the first 15 characters of your last name (or your entire last name if shorter than 15 characters). If this username is already in use, a “one up” number is added to the end of the account name to make it unique. This password can be changed from your office computer when you are prompted or via a web browser. Get more password help.

Change Technology Access Account Name – If you have legally changed your last name or you discover that your name was misspelled in your technology access account user name you can update and correct your username. You can open a Technology Service Center request to make the change. This will have an impact on several accounts so you need to be sure that this will be right for you.

Email account – This is your account for University use. Typically your email address is your RamPort is our student preference for email access. Outlook/Exchange now available for faculty, staff and some student workers.

Banner Access – This is the account for the Integrated Banner System (Student, Financial Aid, Finance, HR, and Advancement/Alumni).

As a supervisor, Department Head, Director or Dean, you may request new access for new staff/faculty/student workers and/or request to update/delete a current employee’s level of access. For either process, you will need to do the following.

  1. Fill out and sign the Request for Access to Banner form for the employee. If in your request for access you are asking for permission for an employee to view or update data that is not under your direct control, you will need to complete and attach the second page of the Banner ID Request form (Permission for access crossing another department) when submitting your request.
  2. Forward the form(s) (by campus mail or by fax) to your Head Data Custodian within your functional area for approval.
  3. Your Head Data Custodian will review/approve the form(s) and upon signing them, will forward the Banner ID Request form(s) to the Information Technology department. A copy of the request will be retained by the Head Data Custodian.
  4. The Banner ID and password will be sent to the employee in a sealed envelope.
Approval areas
Functional Area Head Data Custodian
Advancement/Alumni Director of Advancement
Budget & Payroll Services Director of Budget & Payroll Services
Finance Controller
Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid
Human Resources Director of Human Resources
Student Registrar

Web directory – Your information will be displayed on the ASU web directory.

Optional Account Information

Faculty Web Page – If you would like to establish a faculty web page, or if you need assistance with the development of your faculty web page please contact the Technology Service Center.

Blackboard – is an easy-to-use, web-based software tool for creating course websites. Blackboard includes tools for managing student communication and grades, sharing content, collaborating outside of class, administering quizzes and surveys, and communicating with email or chat. Blackboard can be accessed via the Blackboard icon after logging into RamPort.

Name change request – If you would like to submit a name change, please complete the Name Change Request Form.