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Remote Network Drive Access

In order to access Remote Network Drives from off-campus all ASU students, faculty, and staff must request access before connecting to the ASU Network using VPN by completing the Remote Network Access Request form.

Student VPN access will be removed after each long semester. If you still need access to VPN, please fill out the form again.

When your account is approved for remote network drive access, install the VPN software.

Network Drives

P Drive - Students, faculty, and staff have access to personal storage space on the P drive of the ASU network (student space is limited to 500 MB). This data is backed up nightly. Even if you are using an external disk, we highly recommend that you save a backup copy of your information to the network drive as well.

J Drive - Students also have access to the J drive, a network location commonly used by professors as a place to store classroom-related work. Use this drive only if directed to by your professor.

Accessing your drives

On-campus - Users can access their P and J drives from lab or office computers by double-clicking the appropriate drive icon on their Desktop or in My Computer (Windows) or by clicking the appropriate drive name in their Finder Favorites (Mac).

Off-campus - To access network drives from off-campus, users must first get connected to the ASU network remotely. Please fill out the Remote Network Drive Access Request form to be granted access and then install the necessary software to get connected.

Follow the instructions below if your computer does not already have shortcuts or favorites set up for your network drives.

Create a Network Drive Desktop Shortcut (Windows)

  1. Right-click on the desktop
  2. Hover over New and select Shortcut
  3. Provide the path to the desired drive:
    • P Drive (students): \\fileserve1\userspace\username (replace ‘username’ with your RamPort username)
    • P Drive (employees): \\fileserve2\facstaff\Name Of Department\username (ie. \\fileserve2\facstaff\Information Technology\username)
    • J Drive: \\angelo.local\dfs_labs (if the entire folder path is known, include it in this path to connect directly to the folder)
  4. Click Next
  5. Type your RamPort username as angelo\username for the username field and type your password in the password field
  6. Click Continue
  7. Click Finish

Create a Network Drive Favorite (Mac)

  1. Click on the Finder
  2. Click on the Go in the menu bar and select Connect to Server
  3. Type the path to the desired drive:
    • P Drive (students): smb://fileserve1/userspace/username (replace ‘username’ with your RamPort username)
    • P Drive (employees): smb://fileserve2/facstaff/Name Of Department/username (ie. smb://fileserve2/facstaff/Information Technology/username)
    • J Drive: smb://angelo.local/dfs_labs (if the entire folder path is known, include it in this path to connect directly to the folder)
  4. Click the “+” button to add the drive as a favorite server.
  5. Click Connect
  6. If a login box appears, sign in using your RamPort username/password
  7. Optionally, with the drive window open in the Finder, click File > Add to Sidebar in the menu bar to add the favorite to the Finder’s sidebar.
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