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Mailing Lists


Before you can send an email to the “everyone”, “faculty”, “staff” or “students” lists, you must receive approval from the vice president of your division first. Please follow the below steps.

Mailing List Process

  1. Request Approval

    Send your proposed email to your VP for approval. Include in your request for approval which target group(s) you intend to send your email to.

  2. Forward Approval

    If you email is approved by your VP, forward that approval to

  3. Send Email

    Once approval has been forwarded to the list moderator, send your original email to your target group:

    Sending the same emails to faculty or staff, and everyone, will cause duplicate messages to be sent, and they will be rejected.

    Do not include the approval message in the email to these lists. It cannot be removed by the moderators, and doing so will cause the submission to be rejected.

    If an email is sent to a mailing list without prior approval, it will be held for two business days. If approval has not been received by that time the message will be discarded.

If these steps have been followed, and your email meets the other requirements listed below, it will be released during regular business hours.

Mailing List Requirements

Emails sent to ASU mailing lists are reviewed by a team of moderators. Emails are typically reviewed 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. These requirements must be met for an email to be approved to a mailing list.

  1. Only ASU Related Topics - These mailing lists are a resource for the campus community and are not to be used for non-University business. Individuals are solely responsible for the content of their emails.
  2. Sent from an ASU Email Address - Anything sent from an account outside of will be rejected.
  3. No Replies or Forwards - Emails with “RE:” or “FW:” in the subject or that contain reply or forwarding information in the body will be discarded.
  4. Accessibility - Postings to the mailing lists must comply with Section 508 accessibility requirements. Plain text emails are encouraged, however, if images are included, any text communicated within the image must also be typed in the body of the email.
  5. ASU Signature - Messages must include the approved signature at the bottom of the email, under all embedded images and text. Please follow the instructions found at to set up your signature.
  6. Limit Attachments - The total size of all attachments must be less than 1 Mb. Do not attach .zip, .exe, or .dmg files, as these files could potentially contain security risks. Emails may also be rejected if important information is conveyed only in attachments. Please include all relevant information in the body of the email.
  7. No Calendar Invitations - Emails with calendar invitations will be rejected.
  8. No Personal or Private Information - This includes information about specific employees, applicants or past employees. All messages falling into this category will need to be approved by the Office of Human Resources or Registrar. 
  9. No Solicitation Without Approval - Messages selling a product or service will need approval from Special Events. Solicitation Requests can be submitted online. Contact Special Events if you have questions regarding this process.

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