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Sharing Large Documents

The ASU email servers limit the size of individual messages to 25 megabytes, including all attachments. If you need to share documents larger than 25 MB, there may be other options, outlined below, depending on the situation.

Faculty to Students

Faculty members needing to share large files with students can make the files available in Google Drive and set the sharing permissions appropriately.

Employee to Employee

Employees needing to share documents with other employees in the same department should put the files on their departmental Q drive.

Employees needing to share files with employees in other departments should put the files on the R or J drives. Anyone on campus can access data on the R drive, so if the visibility needs to be restricted, a work request will need to be opened with the Technology Service Center in order for a folder with proper permissions to be created on the J drive.

External Audiences

Anyone needing to share files larger than 25 Mb with someone outside of ASU can make the files available in Google Drive and set the sharing permissions appropriately.


For any other sharing needs, open a work request with the Technology Service Center. Based on the request, an appropriate solution can be determined at that time.

IT Service Center (Help Desk)