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Printing Services

Black & white laser printers are available for student-use in all computer labs, and color laser printers are available in the MCS 111 lab and in the Library Learning commons.

Print Credits

Students receive 800 print credits each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for their printing needs.

Each single-sided black and white print deducts 1 credit from your balance, and each single-sided color print deducts 5 print credits from your balance.

When your print credit balance reaches zero, you will not be able to conduct print jobs from any print stations. Instead, you must first add more print credits.  .—>

Credits are for each specific term, and unused credits do not roll over to the next term. Print credit balances are reset 14 days before the Spring and Fall Semester. Print credit balances for Summer terms reset the following Monday after the Spring semester ends. (Maymester, Summer I and II count as one term).

At the end of the semester, any left over print credits will not be refunded back to your PaperCut Account. Print credits must be used by the end of the semester or you will lose them.

Duplex (2-sided) Printing

All printers located in the student computer labs and in the Library Learning Commons that are capable of duplex printing are set to automatically print 2-sided. Students have the option to change the print setting to single-sided if desired.

“Express Lane” Print Stations

Stations are available in both the MCS Computer Lab and the Library Learning Commons for students that need to quickly print something for class, check email or submit an assignment.

Web Print

Web Print will give students the ability to upload files from home, the dorms, or on campus and print the file to a printer in the MCS Lab or Library Commons from anywhere with internet access. Also, now anyone using an iOS device can print directly from their Apple phone or tablet. Visit the Web Print instructions page to get started!

How do credits work?

Usage Rates

Additional Credits

Additional credits can be requested by clicking the link below.

Request Credits