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Welcome to the Project Office

Project Office Working Group The Project Office is part of the Information Technology Team at Angelo State University.

The Vision of the Project Office is to provide an environment that fosters communication and inclusion of relevant stakeholders throughout the project life cycle for technology-related initiatives through the use of project management strategies to ensure the successful alignment and delivery of desired outcomes to meet ASU strategic objectives.

Our Mission is to provide leadership and assistance to the ASU campus community in the successful delivery of technology related projects by ensuring that each initiative is aligned with ASU strategic objectives and is completed on-time, within scope and budget.

Project Triangle Objectives

Develop a campus wide methodical approach utilizing national standards for defining project initiation, selection, and prioritization to align technology-related initiatives with ASU strategic objectives.

Develop a methodical approach utilizing national standards and the DIR Project Delivery Framework for planning and tracking technology-related initiatives to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives within the planned timeframe, scope and budget.

Develop a methodical approach to inform project team members, stakeholders, steering committee members and project champions of the status of initiatives being tracked by the project office.

Utilize a governance structure for technology-related initiatives to standardize the initiation, selection and prioritization of each project to ensure that appropriate technology initiatives are selected and that financial and people resources are properly aligned for implementation and on-going support.

Facilitate communication to relevant stakeholders concerning future initiatives to boost technology reuse and reduce redundant efforts concerning similar processes across campus.

Develop a balanced Portfolio based on ASU strategic objectives to encourage project selection and prioritization based on these objectives.

Foster communication among project team members, project stakeholders, and across departments to ensure successful completion of each phase of the project life cycle.

Incorporate a Lessons Learned Library showcasing previous projects to give Project Managers access to valuable resource information on projects of similar size and complexity.