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Bulk Mail Preparation (ASU Departments Only)

If there are any questions concerning how to prepare Standard Mail or the pricing of Standard Mail, please contact ASU Mail Services for this information. 

The size and weight of your mail piece will determine the rates available to you. The processing categories of Standard Mail are letters (which includes postcards). Included in these categories are printed material, booklets, catalogs, newsletters, photographs and merchandise weighing less than 16 ounces. 

Regular Rate - This rate is for a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds presented at one time. Each piece must be identical in size, shape and content. Mailers must have the required permits and complete specific paper work prior to presenting the mailing to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). 

Standard Mail (Bulk Mail) - Please make sure that all mail pieces are facing the same direction, whether sealed or unsealed. Please allow a few days for processing during non-peak times. If possible, please allow up to two weeks for processing during the week before and week after a semester starts or during a holiday in order to ensure mail is properly submitted to USPS for review and delivery.


Currently, USPS collects all outgoing mail once daily at 3:45 p.m. All outgoing USPS mail brought to Mail Services by 3 p.m. will be processed the same day. However, unusual peak periods, equipment down time, and situations beyond our control could cause your mail processing to be delayed, though this is not a common occurrence.