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How to Prepare USPS Mail

All outgoing U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail that needs postage should be kept separate from all other mail and bear a valid ASU return address. The mail should be stacked with the address facing the same direction, larger pieces on the bottom and smaller pieces on the top. In addition, postcards should be placed on top since our mail processing equipment does not differentiate between letter-size pieces and postcards. Please separate all on campus mail, from outgoing mail. This will save money for postage. We can place these in campus mail boxes without postage. If these are not separated, postage will be applied, and they will be sent to USPS, returned to us, and be placed in the campus mail box when we receive them.

Any letter-size pieces that need to be machine sealed by our mail processing equipment should be stacked with the flaps up and nested together. Larger pieces of mail and overstuffed envelopes should be sealed with tape prior to being sent for metering.

Please do not use glue sticks to seal envelopes. Failure to properly seal this type of mail could result in the contents of the mail piece being unsecured in the envelope and possibly lost prior to reaching its destination.

Mail that needs metering should be accompanied by a “charge slip.”The charge slip needs to be filled out completely with date, name of department, full account number, and box number. It is very important to keep domestic mail separate from international mail. Your mail should be bundled together by a rubber band and have the appropriate charge slip attached. Large quantities of mail that cannot be secured by a rubber band may be placed in a mail tray or tub with the charge slip placed on top in plain view.

USPS returns mail to ASU daily with incorrect recipient addresses, empty envelopes, addresses not showing in the window envelopes, and stuffed envelopes without recipient addresses. Please validate that mail is prepared correctly to reduce the volume of returned mail with wasted postage.


Currently, USPS collects all outgoing mail once daily at 3:15 p.m. All outgoing USPS mail brought to Mail Services by 2:30 p.m. will be processed the same day. However, unusual peak periods, equipment down time, and situations beyond our control could cause your mail processing to be delayed, though this is not a common occurrence.