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Return Receipt

There may be occasions when you require information showing when and to whom a piece of mail was delivered. This information is available as an additional service with Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Express Mail and Insured Mail.

If you need proof that someone received a piece of Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Express Mail or Insured Mail - Return Receipt is a good way to get it.

Contact Mail Services for more information on Return Receipt.

Signature Confirmation Form

If you’re sending something important, you may want to be sure that it reaches not just the right address, but the right hands, as well. With Signature Confirmation, you can get confirmation of delivery, including date, time and location. You can also request to have a letter faxed or mailed to you with a copy of the recipient’s signature.

Delivery Confirmation Form

ASU Mail Services does not endorse the use of Delivery Confirmation, but this service is available for your convenience. The U.S. Postal Service scans these pieces as delivered when they reach the local Post Office, not when they are actually delivered to their destination.


Currently, USPS collects all outgoing mail once daily at 3:45 p.m. All outgoing USPS mail brought to Mail Services by 3 p.m. will be processed the same day. However, unusual peak periods, equipment down time, and situations beyond our control could cause your mail processing to be delayed, though this is not a common occurrence.