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ASU Centennial Master Plan 2028

Angelo State University’s Centennial Master Plan has been updated to reflect the priorities of the university’s strategic plan, “Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond.” The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents approved the update in August 2019.

In 2018, The university established a Campus Master Plan Committee. The committee was commissioned to update Angelo State University’s Centennial Master Plan. The process began with a kick-off meeting, at which time the committee became acquainted, laid out and agreed upon a process, reviewed updates to university facilities, and conducted interviews with ASU faculty and staff. Subcommittees analyzed and reviewed space utilization with key university personnel, calculated space and enrollment projections, and proposed strategic options or “building blocks.”

The physical design phase then began with a visioning session, followed by a meeting at which a number of design alternatives were discussed, and finally, a meeting to review and fine-tune the final plan. The committee generated a set of final recommendations for review by university leadership, and subsequently forwarded them to the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System for review and approval.

Master Plan Documents