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Doing Business with ASU

The ASU Purchasing Department’s objective is to procure goods and services to support the educational and research requirements of the university. The Purchasing Office maintains a list of vendors wanting to do business with ASU. To become an approved  vendor, please complete the Vendor Application.

Payments and terms of ASU are Net 30 days after receipt of goods/services/or invoices - whichever is later. Goods/Services will be considered received when they have been accepted as usable by the end user. ASU claims an exemption from taxes under Chapter 20 Title 122A, Statutes of Texas. Bid Limits for Doing Business with ASU:

Contracts and Purchase Orders are awarded based on Best Value (Section 51.9335 of the Education Code): In determining what is the best value to an institution of higher education, the institution shall consider: 

What is a HUB? 

A Historically Underutilized Business is: a for-profit entity that has not exceeded the size standards prescribed by 34TAC20.23, has it’s principal place of business in Texas, and is at least 51% owned by an Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic America, Native American, American woman and /or Service Disabled Veteran, who reside in Texas and actively participate in the control operations and management of the entity’s affairs. 

How do I become a HUB certified? 

Complete the HUB Certification Application and submit it to the State of Texas . Applications can be found at the State Purchasing website.

The Centralized Master Bidders List (CBML) is an automated search that is used by the state procurement staff to identify vendors for the solicitation of goods and services. While vendors are not required to be on the CMBL to do business with state entities, vendors are highly encouraged to register. Vendors may download CMBL applications at
the Comptrollers of Public Accounts website.

Current Bidding Opportunities

For more information about Bidding Opportunities, visit the

Comptrollers Office Website.

Purchasing and Operations
Fax: 325-942-2010
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