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Fans can watch the Rambelles and the Rams in action on a court that also serves as a UIL playoff site for area public schools. 

Here are just a few special programming activities that are staged for large audiences and groups in the Junell Center: 

The Auxiliary Court is available for smaller programs or as additional space for larger programs requiring its use in conjunction with the arena floor. This space also doubles as a practice site for the Rambelles and Rams and may be used for classes and even dinners. 

Junell Center aims to provide effective, customer-focused facilities and services to ASU students, faculty, staff and university guests. As a team of knowledgeable employees working in a fun and healthy environment, we strive for excellence through communication and innovations. Our mission is to support the University’s academic mission and administrative goals by providing facilities and services that enhance the academic experience and contribute to student success. With a dedication to customer service we provide auxiliary facility operation and management.

Contact Information

Junell Center/Stephens Arena
2235 S. Jackson St., San Angelo, TX 76901
ASU Station #10930, San Angelo, TX 76909

Hours of Operation

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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