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Junell Center/Stephens Arena Facilities

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The addition of the Junell Center/Stephens Arena to the Angelo State University landscape has ushered in a new era in events programming for the campus and for the West Texas community served by the University.

The Junell Center/Stephens Arena provides a world-class setting for educational, cultural, social and athletic events for audiences and spectators numbering from 4,900 to 5,600. Fans are able to watch the Rambelles and the Rams “do their thing” on a gleaming wood court that also serves as a UIL playoff site for area public schools. Speaking engagements, Distinguished Lecture Series, ASU commencements, cultural and entertainment programs and exhibitions are just a few of the special programming activities that are staged for large audiences and groups in the Junell Center. The Auxiliary Court is available for smaller programs or as additional space for larger programs requiring its use in conjunction with the arena floor. This space also doubles as a practice site for the Rambelles and Rams and may also be used for classes and even dinners.

Other support spaces in the building include a warming kitchen for catering needs for banquets and other dining events and a “green room” for performers waiting to go on stage.

On the administrative side, the Junell Center/Stephens Arena is the home for the University’s athletic staff, offering a support complex with offices, conference rooms and classrooms-many of which are designed to serve multiple uses.

Downstairs adjacent to the arena floor are the dressing rooms for the Rambelle and Ram athletic teams. These are supported by a sports medicine center, equipment rooms, storage facilities and a laundry room.

A specially-appointed VIP Lounge is housed in the Junell Center. Looking out over the arena floor, the lounge is the site for special dinners, receptions and other programs requiring that extra “touch of class.”

Add two weight rooms that look out over the Multipurpose Sports Complex through gleaming glass walls and a Hall of Fame that heralds the accomplishments of ASU athletes through the ages to those entering the Junell Center…and you have it…one of the premier arena facilities in the state and nationally in all of NCAA Division II athletics.

Arena Facts


All events in the Junell Center/Stephens Arena are professionally catered. Please contact Chartwells Food Services at 325-942-2124 for general information concerning refreshments and catering.


There is one payphone that offers free local calls, and is located at the Northeast corner of the Junell Center/Stephens Arena. Credit cards and phone cards may be used for long distance calls.

Weight Rooms

The Junell Center/Stephens Arena houses two first class weight rooms containing work out equipment ranging from free weights to cardiovascular machines. Both weight rooms are used for classroom instruction, athletic training. Please call 325-942-2091 for hours of operation for both weight rooms.

Athletic Training Room

The Junell Center boasts sports training facilities that rank among the best in Texas and among the top in Division II athletics nationally. The Sports Medicine Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in a rehabilitation room, hydrotherapy room and treatment area.

Academics, Meeting and Events Facilities

The Junell Center/Stephens Arena features more than 100,000 square feet of comprehensive meeting and function space with 10 meeting and breakout rooms. The center offers the highest standards in meeting facilities, including professional banquet and catering services, theater seating, and state-of-the-art audiovisual and internet connectivity. The Junell Center/Stephens Arena offers:

The Junell Center/Stephens Arena also provides three classrooms for academic purposes on the second level. Each classroom can be equipped with the latest in multi-media technology and can be used for various educational purposes. The center currently supports classes, ranging from kinesiology to communications instruction weekdays, beginning at 8 a.m.

Reservable Facilities