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Liability Insurance

To register for Liability Insurance, please visit To ensure compatibility, please access through Internet Explorer.

  1. Click on ‘Quick Quote’
  2. Select ‘Texas’ from the drop down menu as the state in which the event will be held
  3. Select ‘Angelo State University’ as the location and click ‘Next’
  4. Select Event Dates and Average Daily Attendance click ‘Next’
  5. Select the Event Type from the drop down box click ‘Next’
  6. Select any additional coverage options you would like for your event. *Please see section below for explanation of the procedure for events involving alcohol
  7. The website will then generate a Coverage and Premium Summary that will include a quote click ‘Next’ to Purchase Coverage 6. Fill out all required information and click ‘Submit’
  8. From there you will be redirected to the payment site to purchase Liability Coverage for an event. Upon Completion of the transaction, you will receive via email, a Binder/Certificate evidencing coverage.

For Assistance and/ or Questions Contact:
Tracy Paladino
Phone: 800-333-3231
or Jennifer Monteleone
Phone: 800-333-3231

*If alcohol will be provided at the event, you must fill out the Alcohol Request Form and submit with your guest list no later than thirty days prior to the event. Security officers will be scheduled from the time you start serving alcohol until the end of the event, and settlement is made with the officers directly the night of the event. Chartwells must provide and sell any alcohol. Since Chartwells is licensed to serve alcohol, they carry their own insurance coverage for the service. Therefore it is unnecessary to add or select to have alcohol coverage added to your event insurance. Please contact catering at 325-942-2124 for any inquiries or questions regarding pricing.