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Introduction to Ram Vision

Ram Vision is one of the informational tools available for ASU student organizations, faculty, and staff to communicate items of interest to the campus population. Ram Vision can be programmed with PowerPoint presentations and radio broadcasts, etc. These informational items can then be displayed on the large video monitors located throughout the UC and Food Service Center. Some items that are displayed on Ram Vision include:

The following procedures are in place to assist ASU student organizations, faculty, and staff with utilizing Ram Vision.

  1. The sponsoring department or organization should submit by email a Ram Vision Request to, at least one week in advance of when the message is to appear on Ram Vision. Please include the following:
    • Message slide as a .pdf or PowerPoint slide
    • Requested start date
    • Requested end date
    • Requester’s contact information
  2. The Special Events Office will review the request and take appropriate actions.
  3. Each request after approval will be taken off after six weeks of being posted.
  4. Call or email questions to Chandler Payne.