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Strategic Planning

Angelo State University’s mission, vision, values and goals, as articulated in the strategic plan “Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond”, originated July 2019 (Updated 2022), guide institutional planning, assessment, and continuous improvement efforts in all administrative and academic units. The strategic planning centered on supporting ASUs mission/vision/values, the strategic goals of the Texas Tech University System (TTUS), and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) 60x30TX Higher Education Plan. ASU’s research-based planning and evaluation efforts contribute to a shared vision, ensuring engagement and collaboration to accomplish the university’s mission.

Planning at Angelo State University is a fluid and ongoing process based on the ‘bull’s-eye” principle that maintains the mission statement as the central focus of all planning efforts.

“Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond”, Angelo State University’s strategic plan, supports this concept in the service of three primary purposes:

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