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Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond

Angelo State University’s strategic plan “Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond”, July 2019, was the result of over twelve months of planning and dialogue about the fundamental direction of the university for the 21st century. Continuing on the foundation laid through Vision 2020, ASU seeks to expand efforts for retention, recruitment, student and faculty/staff success, and continuous improvement. Aligning with the mission, the strategic plan is designed with our institutional values for opportunity, innovation, and engagement; ASU will continue to be distinguished by our teaching, research, and student-first environment.

Vision 2020
The precursor to “Envisioning 100 Years & Beyond”, Vision 2020 (Third Edition, Spring 2017) was initiated in July 2010 and was re-envisioned with a third iteration in Spring 2017 with the addition of SACSCOC standard updates and the institutions success in meeting most of the Vision 2020 goals. The document clearly illustrated the centrality of the academic program through its goals.

Vision 2012
The precursor to Vision 2020, Vision 2012 was initiated in the summer of 2007 as it began the process of strategic planning. Originally entitled “Transformational Expectations: Vision 2012,” this initiative resulted in the first round of discussions about mission, vision, and core values.